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Ukrainian enterprise "WHITE STONE" specializing in production and selling of building materials is seeking for lime-shell stonefield which is situated in the steps area of Crimea and near Evpatoria port. Exploitation will be under opened method.
For natural stones quality safety and increasing of their firmness we would like to find and master a technology in production of building and facing materials which are produced from crushed very small lime-shellstone and ecological clean plastic agent. Reserves of mineral water were found in the area of stonefield. Recultivation is being planed by placing production lines for agricultural products growing and processing in the territory of exploited stonefild and adjoining agricultural lands.
There is a technical base for extension of the present meat and milk production, poultry farm.
We have a data bank of building and facing layers, mineral waters in Crimea.
We will consider any variant of cooperation.
Write please in Russian.
Ukraina, Crimea, Sevastopol
Yulov Pavel
mob.tel +38(050)624-66-82
Poludenov Dmitpiy
mob.tel +38(067)

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-         geologic research work were carried out on the area 49.4 acres first of all with the purpose of a finding suitable for production lime-shell bricks, lime-shell stonefield, and then study of other opportunities for use of a deposit,

-         capacity of adjourment lime-shell stonefield pontic circle makes 0.7-10 m with the depth 0.3-2 m, thus suitable for production lime-shell bricks the layer makes 2 – 4 m.

-         Under lime Pontic circle place lime Neotic period, submitted lime of yellow-grey solitium, solitium-detritium by sites. The capacity of these adjourment makes 10-30 m.

Chemical structure lime-shell stonefield pontic circle:

- Contents of

                   1. CaCO3

                   2. insoluble in a hydrochloric acid of the rest

                   3. firm impurity (MgCO3 + Fe2O3 + Al2O3)

                   4. clay impurity (SiO2 + Al2O3 + Fe2O3)

                   5. fluorum

                   6. arsenic

                   7. lead








Physic-mechanical properties lime-shell stonefield of pontic circle:

                   - Colour yellow-grey coloured, grey-brown-yellow coloured

                   - Volumetric weight

                   - Absorption

                   - Density

                   - Spongy

                   - Strength

                   - Factor of soften

1,040 – 1,495 kg/sq.sm

10,4 – 25,3%

2,55 – 2.72 gr/sq.sm

44,0 – 59,2%

6,5 – 28,1 kgs/sq.sm

0,6 – 0,94


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